Wednesday, October 1, 2014

instagram favorites | who to follow

Where do I even begin? Shop Bando is a non-stop party! If you aren't familiar with their products, make sure to check them out here! I absolutely love following along with the latest and greatest -- They definitely know how to have fun! If you're looking for glitter, confetti, donuts and more -- Follow along! PS: I scored this Shop Bando planner (out of stock) and it's too cute for words! 

Meet Taylor Sterling: Founder + Creative Director of The Glitter Guide, a beautiful mama and one hard working woman! Her instagram photos are beyond adorable (I could seriously eat her baby up!) Every single photo is made with love, and pure joy. Sterling brings me hope, and inspiration to my follow my passions. I get lost in her posts! Not to mention, Glitter Guide is my BFF. Yours, too? 

This isn't my first rodeo with Not Your Standard (Catch her in my Chic Crush of the Month series) -- Kayla Seah is trend-setter struttin' her stuff in the streets of Berlin. I just adore her style, sweet eats and interior design. She has quite the eye for chic details! Kayla recently left her corporate job to pursue her blog, and passions -- you go, girl! Hopefully I'm not too far behind you! 

The whimsical, Anna Tsoulogiannis has captured my eye for quite some time! You may have seen her work on (one of my favorite blogs) -- That's how I first discovered this gem! Her portraits contain whimsical sceneries, and vibrant colors. So easy to get lost in her work! I just love her creative energy! 

Thanks to a recent trip to Brooklyn -- I discovered Coast to Coast Vintage! They literally travel around the country in the cutest, coolest, most badass trailer you've ever seen. I bought these sunnies from there (super cute, no?) -- Oh, and they were just in Chicago! Live vicariously through Coast to Coast Vintage as they travel the world in style! 

Blush Shop is no stranger to Heart of Chic -- Another 'Chic Crush of the Month' series! The owner, Michele, has the most charming boutique located in Canada (It's seriously on my bucket list, I would love to check this out!) My favorite snaps of her include: Her adorable frenchie, Alfie (I mean, I can't even with that face!), outfit posts, boutique shots, and yummy treats that look too good to eat! One admirable trait that Michele has: She literally responds to every single comment! In the blogging/social media world, this is huge. A fashionista with a big heart, now that's worth the follow! Cheers :) XX

Stephanie Sterjovski is a woman on the move! A jill of all trades -- Photographer, fashionista, graphic designer extraordinaire and so much more. Collaborations include The Glitter Guide, Nordstrom, Pottery Barn, Neiman Marcus (you get the picture...) This gal is going places! I admire her journey, but most importantly, her faith. She's always thanking God for her successes, and isn't afraid to show that to 100k+ followers. Whenever Stephanie posts an Instagram, I immediately want to jump in the photo. A true fairytale she is living! 

Bri Emery is the creator of 'I Heart Blogshop' (If you haven't heard of this, check it out immediately!) I heart this blogger for many reasons -- number one: honesty. Sharing every detail of her journey with her loyal readers (including a recent breakup, and her struggle with anxiety (which is close to my heart) Her Instagram posts are funny, charming, vibrant & engaging. She also has the coolest style (50's style for the win!) Keep up the great work, Bri! XX

And last but not least, me! I enjoy sharing my little moments with ya'll -- so head on over to my Instagram, and hit that follow buttin, ya dig? 

Now tell me! Who are some of your favorite accounts to follow? (There can never be too many!) 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

oversized sweater | my fall anthem

how to wear an oversized sweater

Oversized sweaters are my anthem for fall. It's an easy style to dress up, or down. For this look, I went simple. I had a million errands to run, so comfort was a priority. It's also a great option for those 'not feeling so great' days. (It hides the details, ya follow?!) Don't get me wrong, I love my curves, but I definitely have my share of insecure moments. If you're looking for some attitude-- Try pairing with skinny jeans, a sexy pair of heels, and floppy hat. Don't forget to add some accessories. Basic sweaters are so much fun to dress-up, and accessorize. You can never go wrong, and less is more (pile those accessories on!) Tip: Where an oversized button down underneath -- It gives it some character. What's your favorite trend this fall? Share below! 

Sweater: H&M (similar here, here and here
Jeans: Paige Denim (I also adore these
Booties: Aldo Shoes (last season) similar here & here 
Necklace: Akira (similar here
Purse: Aldo (last season) similar here & here (the perfect work tote!) 
Rings: Asos 
Sunnies: Marc Jacobs (similar)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

oxford shoes | under $100

oxford shoes under 100 dollars
Oh, hey Oxford (my new obsession). Sure to give any outfit an instant charm, and pop of personality. If you're looking for that 'tom-boy meets ultra chic' this is your answer! Oxford shoes present that feminine, and masculinity rolled into one pair of all-around goodness! Not to mention, comfort! A pair of tights, and bold shoes will give you that unstoppable confidence. What is your favorite pair from my list above? I personally love some glitter, and shine! XX PS: Everything is under $100! (my specialty) Click any shoe below to shop! 

Image Credit: 1/2/3

Image Credit: 1/2/3

Monday, September 22, 2014

fall fashion picks | 2014

chicago fashion blog

Tis the season for pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters, and beautiful colors. This girl loves the fall, and my bank account has the proof to show it (Seriously, cannot stop shopping! Send help) This season, I'm falling for capes more than ever (especially this Gloverall cape, isn't it amaze?) and boots, boots, boots! So many boots, so little time (and little money, too) Anyway! I'm glad to be rockin' plaid, and layering up. What are your favorite trends of the season? My wish-list below! Happy Shopping!

Henri Bendel ring | Forever 21 watch | Baublebar statement necklace | rebel lipstick
Baublebar ring | Journal | SheInside cape | floppy hat | plaid scarf (only $6) | nailpolish |
Baublebar earrings | Aldo bag (obsessed) | Kimono | sunglasses | glitter boots 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

oversized plaid | fall fashion

plaid cape
aldo project runway bag
top fashion blogger
plaid cape for fall

I'm going to let you in on a little secret -- this outfit was not planned. I thought I was walking out with a plaid scarf, but quickly discovered otherwise. I'm in love with this purchase! Fashion is all about experimenting, and taking risks! That's what makes it so much fun, right? I encourage each and every one of you to find something you normally wouldn't wear, and rock it out. I have an obsession with plaid (apologies in advance) so naturally paired this beautiful cape with blue jeans, and strappy Steve Madden heels. (He is the love of my life, I tell ya! That man has yet to make a pair of heels I hate). Oh, and this Aldo purse has been on my wish-list for a month! I finally treated myself last weekend. Bonus: It's from the Project Runway collection, adorbs. The trapezoid style is hot hot hot! 

I know a lot of us dread the cold weather, but I'm so grateful to live in a city where seasons exist! Chicago, you're so good looking, and I can't wait to see my next photo backdrop! Are you a fan of oversized sweaters, and capes? PS: Don't forget to get a floppy hat! They're too much fun ;) 

Let's buy some fun stuff, shall we? 

Cape: Thrift store (similar here & here & here) | Blue Jeans: Zara (I also love these a lot) 
White tee: Forever 21 (but Madewell makes the best knits!) 
Shoes: Steve Madden (similar here & here) | 
Floppy Hat: Forever 21 (sold-out) but this one is on my wish-list. 
Bag: Aldo Shoes (As seen on Project Runway!) 
Sunnies: Aldo Shoes (Also seen on Project Runway!) 
Necklace: The amazing T+J Designs (Can't find my exact one, but this is very similar!) 
Rings: Topshop Bracelet: Forever 21

Monday, September 15, 2014

route spontaneous | 10 tips to boost spontaneity

chicago fashion blogger

Wake up. Snooze. Wake up. Snooze. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.  Sound familiar? (Maybe yours has one less snooze in there? Why is it so hard to wake up?) I have been in a rut lately. I’m just not myself. Do you ever feel this way? There’s just something missing, and it’s that passion for life. Don’t get me wrong; I love mine, a lot. I’m just so busy making a living that I forget about my passions/aspirations.

So, with that being said --- I’m headed to route spontaneous. I encourage you to join my ride! I’m scared of change, and fear the unknown. We get this once chance to be awesome, and I’m too busy living in comfort. (Hit the snooze button). I’m ready for a change, and more importantly, some fun!  Adding spontaneity gives us a sense of adventure, and flavor. Life isn’t ordinary, so why are we?

1) Book a trip: The most common form of spontaneity! Book a flight out of town – and if you’re really brave, don’t even pack a bag! Leave town as soon as possible, and go have some fun.

2) Try a new fitness class: Fitness can be intimidating! I’m always afraid to start something new in fear that I’ll completely fail, and embarrass myself! PS: I just joined classpass – it’s an amazing fitness app that gives you access to Chicago’s finest (yoga, spin, barre, and more!) for $99 a month. If you’re looking to spice up your workout, this is definitely the answer.

3) Add a twist to your normal activities: I love this one --- Take the same running path everyday? Switch it up tomorrow. Do you often write from your desk? Try visiting a local café. You never know what may happen!

4) Play basketball: I may be bias to this one --- how I met my boyfriend! PS: I rarely played prior to this, but had just moved in with my roommate, and we were bored one day. I threw this suggestion out there, and practically had to drag her along! Fast-forward 2 years -- still dating my man, and this is one of our favorite things to do together. You never know!

5) Talk to strangers: I remember sitting in Millennium Park with my best friend when a gentleman approached us. He worked as security in the park, and told us some beautiful love stories. One of my favorite memories in Chicago. Obviously use caution, but the oldies are the goodies!

6) Do something scary: Ride a roller-coaster, go skydiving, run a marathon, something! Being spontaneous means regularly stepping out of your comfort zone. What scares you?

7) Let’s explore: Go explore a new location! I do this all the time in Chicago, it’s so much fun! (PS: I have discovered some of my favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurants!)

8) Get up and dance: I’m serious! Turn those tunes up, and have yourself a fab time! Bonus: grab a dance partner.

9) What would a 5 year old do: But, really – Do you see how excited kids get when they play with bubbles? We should continue to look at life the same way, and have more fun. Look at life through a child’s eye. I bet you’ll find something small to celebrate.

10) Take the town: Grab your friends, and hit the town. Go somewhere you’ve never been! A fun show, concert, or painting class! These new, exciting locations we share together often have an impact on our friendships. Memories to last a lifetime…

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

handbag | trapezoid

phillip lim trapezoid handbag
The trapezoid handbag is definitely on my fall shopping list. The wider, the better -- I recently spotted Jessica Alba rockin' this Narciso Rodriguez bag and it was love at first sight. Bags that are wider than they are tall make them unique, and a fashion-favorite amongst many! I am crushing on this Phillip Lim style, but if you're looking to save, this Kohls option (on sale!) is the perfect substitute. What's your pick? XX

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